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Rare Behavior Aspects and Appearances of UFO Sightings

are found in collected data. Here are a few examples: 

1. Dumbbell or the old telephone mouth piece receiver UFO Sightings. Robert Powell was looking for example case's with high quality witnesses. There are examples in Sweden, France, Canada, the US and now one from England 1956.

2. There are a lot of reported case's of UFO Sightings involving cars, pacing, buzzing, blocking the road, etc., this behavior now well recognized was not thought of much, by early ufologists and official UFO investigators. Example an ATIC intelligence officer who did not report this incident to the Air Force but rather to NICAP, see UFO Evidence 1, page 23 and an FBI counter intelligence officer and an NSA employee who had a an early such encounter in 1956. The type of "UFO" vehicle encounter (VE) showed up in 1947.

3. Rare Vehicle Encounters involves trains. Seems some UFO Sightings incidents only covered in local press.

4. Cases involving scaring dairy cow. While there are some cases, the follow up about milk production are seldom mention.

5. UFO inserting hose like objects into bodies of water.

6. Terrain following UFOs.

7. Objects that rendezvous.

8. Objects that cause bodies of water to bulge, create a depression or cause ripples.

9. Turn on or off lights through "portholes."

10. "Repairs" in the air or on v the ground.


11. Saturn shaped objects

12. UFOs which burn holes in clouds or contrails.

13. Broadcasting UFOs. Mimics of IFF, emitting radar and other signals see Brad Sparks article in Jerry Clark's 3rd edition UFO Encyclopedia and May 14, 1953 Northern Japan and 1954 Washington state FBI and PBB report on www.project1947.com   credit Jan Aldrich

Dumbbell Shaped UFO

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