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Punta Arenas Chile Disk Shape UFO Sighting reported

Punta Arenas Chile Disk Shape UFO Sighting reported July 2018

Sudden appearance of spherical UFO Sighting at high altitude with accompanying large sonic boom and sharp turn south to the Antarctic At 11:43 am in the Island of Tierra del Fuego I was working with two others and another two using a percussion drill heard a large boom like sound, the guys with the drill heard it and they had ear protections on, so you can imagine the load explosion sound.We looked around and didn't see anything amiss, then looked up in the sky and we saw a small vapor trail then another vapor trail with a UFO doing the trail. It would appear out of nowhere and was the cause of this sound. UFO Sightingcame in from the East and headed West.Please note, in the South of Chile there are no overflying commercial flights and military activity is very low. As I'm from Europe, I know what high flying planes look like and the trails they leave.The trail left was behind by what I could make out a spherical spinning UFO (caused by the reflection of the sun. I thought it maybe a plane but I had trouble seeing wings, also the UFO Sightingwas very high up in the atmosphere.What really hit us was after a couple of minutes it took a sharp left, to the South towards the Antarctic. It it went north then I could be assumed to be military, but there again when we first saw the UFO, there was no trail from where it came.After a minute, the UFO was too distant to be seen, I have no idea of how fast it was travelling, maybe around 1200 miles per hour, or more if it was high up. The sharp turn was not expected to be honest. nuforc.org

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