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Police Officer Sighted Strange UFO Lights in Night Sky Ipswich Mass.

On duty as a Police Officer stepped out of the vehicle and was enjoying the clear sky. I always look for the big dipper which shows which way north is. I observed a light which was between the two tops (of the scoop) but further out making the big dipper look like a pentagon. After about 30 seconds I observed another light turn on near this light. Immediately the 1st light started moving fast towards the north east while the second light followed close behind. While the UFOs started fading away I observed a light beam come from the first object directed at the second. After the beam both UFOs disappeared from my line of sight. I served 7 years in the army (active) and 6 years as a Police Officer and have never seen anything like it. Earlier in the evening around 7 pm I observed a satellite which I often see. These two lights were not that 100%. I tried taking my phone out but you could not see anything due to the distance and faintness of light. I also observed an airplane at cruising altitude fly over me around this time and the two objects were way above that. I'm sure you could find out who I am since there is only 5 of us working tonight, I just do not need the drama. I just think it's worth reporting to you and not the FAA, since the government will not tell us anything anyway. Of course I did not have my binoculars on me tonight which I usually carry one. mufon cms# 114068 Ipswich Massachusetts U.S 3/09/21 Region has had 1,456 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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