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Pleaston Texas 8-22-17 Odd Shaped UFO Photo

This UFO Photo was taken through a car window. UFO report reads as follows. My husband, 2 yr old grandchild and I were going home on US HWY 281 north bound from Pleasanton, Texas after going to the grocery store. My husband was driving and I noticed how flat bottom all the clouds in the area were on the sky. I had not noticed that about the clouds in a long time so I took a picture of it to review at a later time on my iPhone which is a 1080p. 

Two days later when I revisited that photo, I noticed this craft type UFO. Myself being an unbeliever of UFOs I thought it might be another experimental aircraft the military was getting ready to try out. My daughter thinks it's a moth, myself it also could be a drone. So I decided the only program who could tell me what this UFO Sighting would be MUFON, I sent them the picture to review and now I am filling out this form. This picture was taken on Tuesday, August 22, 2017 at 4:04pm, 3 days before Hurricane Harvey hit land. I'm resending to be investigated by the MUFON organization. mufon cms# 86269

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