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Photo of Drum Shaped UFO Sighting over California

Observed a trash can/ drum shaped UFO Sighting floating above Verdemont CA traveling north stopping and hovering and floating to the west a couple 1000 feet then east then continuing north nearly to the foot hills of the mountain then changing direction and traveling to the west then changing direction again and heading north then slightly north west until disappearing. The photo of this UFO Sighting is at full zoom on my Samsung note 20 ultra to the left of the sun in the horizon photo. photo of horizon is the direction the object headed I attempted getting a photo though I can not see it in the shot. mufon cms# 115013 Verdemont California 5/01/21 This region has had 11,437 Reported UFO Sightings reports to date.

Black Circle Shaped UFO Sighting photo 5121

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