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Peruvian Airport Officials Reports Two UFOs Hovering

Airport Staff Jorge Chavez has issued an official report regarding the UFO Sightings on their facilities in the town of Callao near Lima in Peru on Feb.27th 2019. The UFO Sighting report mentions that two unidentified flying objects were observed and recorded in image and video about the airport. The staff of the Peruvian Corporation of Airports and Commercial Aviation ( Corpac ) witnessed the UFOs over the airport and even recorded them in video and images. This same institution issued the official report, and it is the first time that an entity such as this one provides a detailed report on UFOs in Peru. The witnesses reported two UFOs in the sky of Callao on February 27. The official report of the Control Tower of the airport, in charge of Corpac personnel and signed by the technician José Zarabia Salas, has confirmed the anomalous aerial phenomenon. In addition, they detailed that the objects remained for approximately one hour over the airport . The events occurred at dawn on Wednesday, February 27 . The control tower workers said that the UFOs were positioned on runway 33 . According to information, the UFOs were also seen by the ground crew of two planes that covered the Lima-Córdova and Lima-Quito routes. One of the unidentified objects appeared for a few moments on the radar , but moments later, both disappeared from the view of the airport staff. The video shows initially an airplane that is descending on the Peruvian airport and is indicated by those who recorded the material to the left to several meters of distance of the main place of the facts. The UFO sighting occurs at 9,000 feet, as the report says or 2,743 meters. The incident started at 06:30 hours (UTC) when the Control Tower personnel observed two unidentified objects. The airport is immediately informed of what happened. Then an object appears on the radar for brief moments. Staff also reports having them in view of the runway 33. At 07:12 (UTC) the objects no longer appear in the view of the Control Tower. The objects sighted The characteristics of the object are the following: There are two luminous objects seen. They do not have movement. They have their own light. They are far enough away to appreciate more details. They do not perform maneuvers that a known aircraft can not perform. One of them is captured by the radar. They disappear from the view of the airport staff within 40 minutes of being detected. Unfortunately, the video was captured at a distance quite far from the scene. So far no other existing video has been reported (at least closer). The Corpac report clearly and textually states that "TWO UFOs" were seen over the airport. This is virtually unprecedented in the history of UFO Sighting events, at least in Peru. It is quite complicated for a government entity to report the presence of two UFOs. Although the report has been stamped by Corpac, and has the name of the technician: José Zarabia Salas, I repeat: a similar response has rarely been seen (or never in Peru) to an incident of this type. As I said before, the UFOs seen show no anomalous movement, no flashing lights or other strange behavior. One option to take into account is that they are drones . The observed complies with the behavior of unmanned flying devices. This UFO Sighting case will continue to be investigated.

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