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Pentagon UFO Project could contain secret information Britain's Roswell

Top Secret UFO Alien Disclosre 2018
DAILY STAR SUNDAY, April 22, 2018

A PENTAGON top-secret project investigating UFO reports could have groundbreaking information...  Pentagon UFO project could have SECRET info that solves Britain’s ROSWELL  "The former MOD expert [Nick Pope] said: “When the story about the Pentagon's secret UFO project first broke, there was an intriguing reference to AATIP having a dossier detailing the best UFO cases from around the world. “Apart from Roswell, the Rendlesham Forest incident is the best-known UFO case in the world, so it's logical it would be in AATIP's dossier, especially as the Rendlesham witnesses were US military personnel.” Mr Pope said that all Freedom of Information requests for details on AATIP’s work have been rejected on national security grounds." DAILYSTAR.CO.UK credit Stig Agermose

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