Oval Egg UFO Surrounded in a burning light

I decided to walk out and check the mail at about 11pm when I looked up and saw what I thought at first was a shooting star, but then realized it was too low and slow for that. It resembled a "artillery shell" firework, except it was massive and there was no sound. It was Egg Shaped traveling from the north to the south. UFO Sightings had a long trail of white and yellow light both surrounding the vessel and trailing behind it as far as you could see. The craft and the trail of light behind it disappeared as it crossed over into the airspace of a government owned ammunition testing facility formerly known as lone star ammunition plant, which is right next to the currently operating red river army depot. It appeared as if it were "crashing" or having some sort of emergency situation as it seemed to be losing altitude and appeared as though it were on fire. If you imagine every movie you've ever seen of a vessel entering the atmosphere, that's sort of what this looked like. Covered in a ball of fire (white/yellow light) leaving a trail of light behind it as it descended. mufon cms# 109705 Hooks Texas 6-24-2020 Region has had 5,987 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

Orange Ball UFO

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