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Organic Jelly Fish/Octopus looking UFO Sighting over Hudson River

Organic Jelly Fish looking UFO Sighting report NJ 2009

This was my very first UFO Sighting event, seeing one for myself made me a believer. It was a cold November 2009 evening, I was watching the Monday night football game with my buddies it was a pretty boring game and the Ravens were ahead by about 30 or so points,we decided to call it a night at around 11pm or so. I was wearing a big puffy north face coat it was freezing and my friend who I was with lived in my building and wanted to smoke cigarette, I said he had to smoke it outside no cigarettes in the house but I stayed in the cold with him to chat. I consider myself somewhat a star gazer but as you know in NYC the light pollution sucks and there were not many stars to look at. I looked over to the NYC skyline I lived in Union City NJ at the time and with our view you feel like you can almost touch the skyline on a crisp cold night. At this time of year Orion constellation can be seen pretty clearly, I always know where to look to find it. As I gazed at the constellation I decided to look vertically up to the sky and at the exact moment I saw something, it was so faint against the night sky but something was moving up there. Perplexed, I squinted as hard as I could, mind you my buddy Nick was talking to me at that moment but I could no longer hear his words I was so zoned in to what I was looking at. This UFO was not your classic UFO Sighting, it had no definitive shape, it had what looked like stars inside of it and was constantly changing shape. In my mind, I was trying so hard to compare it to something I have not seen before, I could not. After about a minute I realized what I was looking at and I grabbed nick by the arm and said, "bro, look!" only a few seconds had passed, I thought it was an airliner with all of its lights off at first, but that was not it at all. We stood there watching it as it glided, no noise, it was taking huge leaps from east to west gliding south bound just over the Hudson River. As it made its way further south just over the southern tip of Manhattan where World Trade Center is located, we could see the back if it it had spiraled streams of light that looked like tentacles, very defined individual streaks of light, it looked to have several appendages. This is when I was able to make a good comparison to something familiar to me, "it looks like a jellyfish!" We stood there in awe as it covered such a vast amount of distance in the sky so effortlessly. As it got further away it began blending it with the darkness of the night as if it was a small pebble dropped in to water rippling outwards until the light dissipated. Totally Bizarre! I have never been so fascinated in my life, I stayed awake almost the entire night going back outside hoping I would see it again. I thought the next day I did not see something on the news, nothing. That night I became a believer. mufon cms# 89966

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