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Orange Ball UFO Sighting reported Gilbert Az.

I was traveling north at about Val Vista and Warner. Orange glowing ball UFO at around 85 degrees in the sky. Glowing as of it were in clouds or fog. Distinct aura. Twice as bright as in more vibrant color than Mars is to the naked eye. No clouds in immediate area. Object was moving north at slow rate. As the UFO Sighting hit clouds it faded in color was was visible as a gray circle. UFO Sighting maintained course moving north and at about 45 degrees, it faded away. Did not follow any flight paths in the area. UFO Sighting had no blinking or pulsing lights. No sounds were distinct. And for reference a helicopter and plane flew over within 60 seconds of occurrence and were very audible. This thing was orange and glowing. Brightest thing in the sky besides the full moon. Like the orange of a traffic controller. nuforc.org

Orange Ball UFO Sighting reported Gilbert Az. 112218

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