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Observed Spherical Ball of Energy with binoculars

The sun had just went down and the sky was clear with just a few wispy clouds. It was still light out, dusk. My toddler son and I were looking at the full moon and for birds in the trees when I saw it. I had never seen a UFO or other sky phenomena before but I knew this was not a plane or star. I immediately sensed it was abnormal. Abnormal because of its brightness, size and type of light it emitted. I immediately grabbed my binoculars and watched it for the next 45 mins into total darkness.

Within a few mins of watching it I also noticed Venus began to show up in the sky just a few degrees away (about the same height), so I had that to compare it to. The whole time I was observing the UFO it moved slowly away from Venus toward Orion, specifically the belt. It was moving toward Orion as Orion was "moving" toward the UFO. I observed this by standing in the same spot. No fast movements were ever observed.

Description of the UFO Sighting: Size - When I first saw it the object was maybe the size of a golf ball (from my POV) if someone was like 10ft away and threw it up in the air. I had the sense that it was an object that was very high in the air and a good distance away. I never felt like it was "close". As the time went on it  got smaller and seemed like the shape flattened out.

Shape - When I viewed the object with binoculars it appeared spherical. Little doubt in my mind that it was not ball or sphere shaped. The shape became flattened or distorted as it moved away and got smaller.

Light and Color - When I observed it at first with the naked eye, it had the familiar light color of a welders "spark, flame" (whatever its called) but did not hurt my eyes. Kind of a hot electric blue-white light. When I viewed through binoculars it was almost like it had a prism of colors in it like it was one color. It had an outline but was kind of undefined. It was like an "electric bubble". Really the best way to describe is "a perfect ball of energy". It got dimmer as time went on.

Other observations: before I grabbed my binoculars I noticed for a second that it appeared to emit a greenish light, almost like a flame, on the top then on the side. That only lasted for a second. This initially made me think maybe it was a green light from a plane but of course it wasn't after further observation and behavior and seeing it through binoculars.

Like I said I noticed Venus nearby shortly after seeing the UFO Sighting. The UFO was much larger, much brighter than Venus.  When I looked at Venus with binoculars or any other larger star later on, they kind of just look like a "pin prick". When I looked at this UFO with the binoculars, I knew I was looking at a three dimensional object.

Of course this was at the time when Venus was the only thing observable other than the moon. I actually pulled up my Sky Map app to confirm and there are no stars that it could have been. I cannot stress enough how the UFO Sighting was a perfect sphere when observed through binoculars.

This was not something I saw for 5 seconds and said UFO! I observed this for close to an hour straight. An entire dialogue played through my head trying to figure out what it was or at least disprove it being a UFO.

I'm just a layman but there is no way it was a man made object and I find it hard to believe it was some natural atmospheric phenomena based on how long it lasted. I really want to know what it was if it was in fact something like that. First time in my life Ive seen something I cant explain. 4/6/20 New Middletown IN. NUFORC.org

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