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No Up Close UFO Photo's or UFO Video's Allowed

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One important topic that is rarely discussed is that this Non Human Intelligence just does not let you take a picture or video of a UFO or UAPs that are very close. I have only tried to call down a UFO or UAP/NHI (Human Initiated Contact Experience, or HICE) only 5 times. 2 of those times very large objects appeared and both were very close, one time only about 10 meters away. For my first HICE attempt, there were 5 witnesses-- myself, my daughter, and 3 adult friends. It was a UFO or UAP 20-30 meters across, 100 meters up, 600 meters back. It was 2-3 meters from the top of my next door neighbor's roof. It was there less than 10 meters away from us for over 45 minutes. All 4 adults had a cell phone yet no one took a picture or video. When I was at the large field of  Norman Michael Murburg Jr  home, both of us and 2 other adults saw a large UFOs or UAP, twice the size of a school bus, glowing white like the moon, pass about 100 meters above us. Mike had one of those big cameras on a tripod. It flew almost on top and very close to us. Did anyone of us take a picture or video? NO. This NHI can actually tap into your consciousness and influence you to NOT take an up CLOSE photo or video. If it is far away, or if it is up close Orb, then you can take all the videos and pics you want but nothing big that is up close. Do you have any stories of very large UFOs or UAPs you saw but you were not able to take photos or videos? source Reinerio Hernandez

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