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Nine UFO Sightings two hour period

Second UFO sighting. April 7th 2020 beginning at 8:20 p.m. I sighted 9 UFOs within a two hour period. Each one of these UFOs appeared as a small orb of light that then dimmed revealing the craft. Most of them flew low and slow. UFOs appear to be a little smaller than a helicopter. Two Flying East, two flying South, and, 5 Flying North. The first UFO Sighting dimmed flew into the clouds then the clouds flashed for fraction of a second like lightning. Second craft dimmed its lights. Most interesting of the nine, the third and fourth craft we're flying parallel to one another. They were only flying a good few hundred feet. They admitted no sound whatsoever. Left one dimmed then the right one. The 5th craft a little further than the rest dimmed its lights. The sixth UFO blinked then slowly fade into a light then dimmed back out. The last three flew in different directions at different times all dimmed out their lights. It almost seems as if they're aware that I'm watching them. Because they dim their lights seconds after I spot them. NUFORC.org  Fayetteville AR.

Five disk shape UFOs

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