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New York UFO Sightings 1910

Big Apple Unknowns New York State, specifically Manhattan Island, was the scene of a series of UFO Sightings which remain unexplained. On August 30th and 31st of 1910, several UFO sightings came to light which occurred during daylight hours. A small percentage of the sightings came from two cities, Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Huntsville, Alabama, with the majority coming from the state of New York. The descriptions of the unknowns were quite similar, regardless of location; winged, dark to black in color, featuring red and green lights, with relatively slow flight speeds. On the 30th of August, a "long black object" appeared over Manhattan at approximately 8:45pm local time. The UFO had red and green lights, was later described as "resembling a biplane," and made several slow, meandering maneuvers over the island. There were multiple witnesses to the reported event. In 1910, there were very few individuals who were pilots, and none of them were in the state of New York on August 30th. The descriptions of the UFO Sighting were consistent and similar to the other UFO reports which surfaced during the time frame from other locations. Unfortunately, due to the lack of any physical evidence, and the time frame of the reports, no definitive explanation has surfaced. credit  William Pullin / Source Ground Saucer Watch, circa 1958.

Flying Saucer UFO over Manhattan 1910

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