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New Military UFO files released 8/18/16

australian Warship UFO

Paul Dean Part 2 of my series about the Australian Navy warship and UFO’s is now up Again, I have dug deep to find obscure and formally classified US and Australian military and diplomatic records which consistently discuss “UFOs” whatever that term means  as opposed to “unidentified aircraft” and the like. Also, again we see total confusion even weeks and months after over what was actually flying around the heavily patrolled Demilitarized Zone where a USAF F-4 Phantom struck Australia’s ship with three missiles.

What, exactly, was the jet firing at? There has been 5 official explanations so far, which alone is unsatisfactory But in classified documents, we see clearly that the “UFO problem” was most certainly being seen and discussed with some urgency. See Part 2 of my report, with the military documents displayed for all, right here:


For those that have not read Part 1, here is the link:


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