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Nazi UFO Secrets Reveal Base 211

Nazi UFO Bases South poleDuring the Second World War, the Nazi’s carried out a number of strange experiments with alleged UFO technologies unknown to the rest of the world in their attempt to rule the world through military designed UFOs and other advanced technology.  7TALES.NET   The Nazi Antarctic fortress: Base 211 and Operation Highjump [credit Kamenov Miro] The German UFO theories describe supposedly successful attempts to develop advanced aircraft or spacecraft prior to and during World War II, and further assert the post-war survival of these craft in secret underground bases in Antarctica, South America, or the United States, along with their creators. According to the limited available information on the UFOs, various potential code-names or sub-classifications of Nazi UFO craft such as Rundflugzeug, Feuerball, Diskus, Haunebu, Hauneburg-Gerät, V7, Vril, Kugelblitz (not related to the self-propelled anti-aircraft gun of the same name), Andromeda-Gerät, Flugkreisel, Kugelwaffe, and Reichsflugscheibe have all been referenced. The NAZI UFO Conspiracy & Secret Technology [Full Documentary NAZI UFO Film]

German UFO literature very often conforms largely to documented history on the following points:

1. The Third Reich claimed the territory of New Swabia in Antarctica, sent an expedition there in 1938, and planned others.

2. The Third Reich conducted research into advanced propulsion technology, including rocketry, Viktor Schauberger's engine research, flying wing craft and the Arthur Sack A.S.6 experimental circular winged aircraft.

3. Some UFO sightings during World War II, particularly those known as foo fighters, were thought by the Allies to be prototype enemy aircraft designed to harass Allied aircraft through electromagnetic disruption; a technology similar to today's electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons.

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