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Navy UFO Sighting Radar Encounters 1979

Yet another Navy UFO Sighting encounter report which indicates that even when answering a FOIA request with documentation it is possible to evade providing much useful information on UFO Sighting incidents.
At 9:59 p. m. on November 30,1979 the Churchill County Sheriff’s Office received a call from the Fallon Naval Air Station reporting a UFO Sighting “an oblong shaped object hovering over Sand Mountain at 5,000 to 6,000 feet” according to the Lahontan Valley News of Fallon, NV for Dec. 5, 1979. The tower reported the UFO was seen visually and on radar. The Sheriff’s office dispatched two officers to Sand Mountain who reported they saw nothing but a rather bright star. At one point the NAS reported the object had moved off the radar screen and then back on. They said it was not a NAS aircraft nor helicopter and was definitely not a star. At one point, they reported that the object was moving westerly in the direction of the town of Fallon. After 40 minutes the UFO reportedly left the radar screen. Robert Todd made a FOIA request to Fallon NAS. They provided Todd with two documents which briefly reported that between 9:48 and 10:00, TBAN Julien Brian reported the UFO Sighting and PLT Coberly contacted EW Range Radar. “UFO approached base: radar on runway obtained primary fix on the UFO Sighting.” UFO moved off the scope to the East. Fallon NAS emphasized to Todd more than once they did no investigation. My opinion is that Fallon NAS provided the minimum amount of documentation required under FOIA--two logs with very minimal information. The newspaper account was just found in clippings provided by the late Robert Gribble years ago. It rounds out the NAS Fallon documents account. credit J.Aldrich

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