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Naval UFO Sighting Encounters on record

UFO Sightings News: A Navy UFO Sighting encounter case which was reported to the Navy, but which is completely denied.

Major Charles Scarborough and
Captain Charles Stanton flying at 15,000 feet
Capt. Roy Jorgensen and
Major E. C. White flying at 42,000 feet
USMC jet pilots

UFO Sighting Summary: credit Jan Aldrich

Major Scarborough first spotted the formation of 16 disc UFOs in different groups flying above him. Captain Jorgenson at 42,000 feet saw these UFOs shortly after below him. Calling the other pilots Major Scarborough ordered them to attempt to box in the UFO discs. Capt. Jorgenson and Major White dived steeply while Major Scarborough and Captain Stanton climbed swiftly, but the 16 UFO discs put on a burst of speed and raced away from the jets. The discs still in formation moved away and vanished.

PROJECT UFO 1947 - 1954

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