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Mystery UFO Sighting Encounter 1967 Manitoba Canada

UFO Sightings Falcon Lake Manitoba

May 19, 1967 - Falcon Lake, Manitoba - Canadian rock hunter Stephen Michalak was prospecting in the hills near the lake when he had one of the strangest encounters in UFO Sightings history.

Just after lunch, Michalak was viewing the sky when he observed two reddish objects high overhead. One of the UFOs took off, but the other descended and landed in a clearing near the bemused prospector - appearing as a large, silvery "glass-like" saucer.

Michalak approached the craft after a door opened, revealing a computerized interior and the sounds of voices emanating. After yelling into the vehicle to offer help, the door closed. Michalak then touched the object and found that the heat had melted the fingertips of his prospecting gloves. Abruptly, a vent opened up on the UFO and a hot jet shot out, catching Michalak's clothing on fire and burning him severely. The UFO saucer ascended and darted off as the injured man stripped off his burning clothes and put out the flames.

After composing himself as best he could - and marking the encounter spot - Michalak hiked back to his hotel and awaited medical treatment. Once in the hospital, the UFO news of his encounter was reported to the Canadian Police and the media.

The most compelling part of the story proved to be the grid-pattern burn - shaped like the UFO's vent - that was burnt into his skin.

Did Stephen Michalak have a near-deadly Close Encounter of the Second Kind? Or was this just an elaborate hoax? Controversy still surrounds this UFO Sightings case, and many theories abound, but it remains as one of the most interesting (and frightening) unsolved mysteries in UFO Sightings history. credit Michael Huntington

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