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Mystery UFO Alien Sighting Falkville Metal man photo 1973

Falkville UFO Alien metal man 1973

THE FALKVILLE METAL MAN - October 17, 1973 - Falkville, Alabama. While investigating a reported UFO sighting, Police Chief Jeff Greenhaw encounters and photographs a man in a metallic suit on a country road just outside of town. He takes four Polaroid pictures before the being "leaps" away across a field in an unbelievable stride. Bad luck soon follows Greenhaw as within weeks he loses his job, his wife, and his home is burnt to the ground. The strange encounter occurred less than a week after the famous Pascagoula Abduction just a few hours south. Similar Alien like beings were described in that case. A hoax? A prank? Or something else? The "Metal Man" picture became iconic imagery for a time in the mid-70s, appearing in numerous magazines and on the covers of many UFO books. The true story remains a mystery. credit Michael Huntington

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