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Mystery of the Strange Briefcase and Two Mysterious Skulls!

Berlin on March 7, 1942
N. 147 Aircraft Unknown slaughtered in Czernica Procedures Reports and Regulatory Orders
Dear Minister, With reference to your letter No. 107 last next February, I have the honor to pass into the hands of Your Excellency, attached documents for the slaughter procedure of an unknown aircraft in Czernica, in 2 of the current month, reporting our concern with the increase in air traffic of unknown origin as our previous letter.
The aircraft was compatible to that felled the black forest six years ago, despite the crew now be different. We believe that dealing with autonomous bio-synthetic individuals.
It is a growing concern in diplomatic circles and war intensified this type of traffic as demonstrated in previous meetings, so far does not constitute hostile action of the enemies of the Reich. However, it is a fact to consider the possibility that the civilizations of the peoples of the stars combine the enemy, which is a great danger.
As the attached documents, the aircraft-shaped disc was shot down by the use of Cannons strong KSK ray type rotary interception towers. We received reports of Study Department IV of the Black Sun that through their seers set day and time that would occur the interception conditions of foreign aircraft. The procedure was successful. The aircraft was destroyed in the fall. It is activated recovery protocols and all debris collected and sent to the premises of the Vril Society in Brandenburg. The engines were divided into three parts, transferred to the technical department of the 10th Army of the Reich in Essen, Stettin and Dortmund. The wreck is now under inspection teams from reputable doctor Victor Schauberger and Winfried Otto Schumann. We await the reports on the findings and has been allowed to reverse engineer as expressed determination of the Chancellery.

It’s up to inform me that two crew members perished in the slaughter, being the only forms of life on board and which are different from currently known. One of the bodies was completely charred and torn but the second remained intact under the rubble. Bio-synthetic constitution, he quickly decomposed, and the remains were sent to the secretariat of SS-E-IV studies in Wiener Neustadt. I take this opportunity to reiterate to Your Excellency the assurances of my respectful consideration. 
Thank you Philipe Kling David

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