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Mystery Airship UFO Sightings, 1896 - 1897

UFO News Today: The flying saucer phenomenon appears to match the cultural expectations of each historic period across the centuries. This brief video describes the wave of airship sightings during the 1890's. Were these actual physical objects, or were they holographic like projections that created illusory visual displays? The Virtual Experience Model posits that the creation of such illusions is a major mechanism of contact called a Virtual Experience of the First Kind. {Joseph Burkes} For 8 months in 1896 and 1897, people in the US and Canada saw mysterious lights in the sky, and sometimes, spectacular, winged airships and dirigibles. The airships are early examples of UFO Sightings, after the "wonders" of ancient times, and before the modern mythology of extraterrestrial spacecraft dominated UFO discourse.  

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