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UFO News Today: Welcome to the first edition of the coolest news in variety show ever surrounding the UFO topic. On the show we’re sharing some highlights from the 2019 Mufon Symposium, with Dr. Michael Masters, who says that according to evolutionary indicators, we will all look like aliens sooner than we think. Next, we’ll share some UFO reports from around the world, what’ happening in the sky? Also here’s a little bit of inside information on Project blue Book the show. It’s one of the biggest shows on Cable! You’d never guess what the first episode of season two is going to cover. We’ll talk to Paul Hynek and see if we can any more information! But wait there’s more! What’s up with Space X, and what happened recently at Bigelow Aerospace? Then, in our final segment, the story surrounding the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon is starting to get really strange. Could it be that this whole thing has been the US navy’s secret programs all along? Watch future episodes of the show on Amazon Prime or on MUFON Television at www.MUFONtelevision.com

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