Multiple Witnesses report hundreds of UFOs over North Carolina

I was in the swimming pool at Post Ballantyne when I had a UFO Sighting of a bright UFO like a star (but three times bigger) or a satellite (four times bigger), flying north at about 15,000/20,000 feet. I am always fascinated and very interested in flying objects, and I know that this UFO Sighting was not a star, not a shooting star, not an airplane, not a drone and not a helicopter. There was no engine sound. A minute later a saw a second UFO, and then a third one, and a fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh. Two minutes later I saw ten more, and ten more and then ten more. Three minutes later I saw twenty more, and twenty more, and twenty more UFOs. They were not flying in formation, rather randomly. There were three other people with me in the pool, a man, a woman, and a child. I asked them if they could see what I was seeing and they were totally surprised to see the Unidentified Flying Objects. We tried to take photographs with our phones, but they were too small for the cameras. The UFOs were flying in direction south to north, slightly west (5 degrees) from where we were. They kept coming for the next 20 minutes. Between 10:00 and 10:10 PM was the largest number of UFOs flying at one time. Always flying at the same altitude, same direction, and same speed. Then they started to decrees (contrary as they had started) until I saw the last one at about 10:20 PM. 

I am a pilot and a keen observer of the sky, and I do not believe in UFOs, BUT THIS WAS SOMETHING very fascinating that I had never seen before. Quite intriguing and fascinating. I need to investigate this event more and try to find a logical explanation, but if I do not find an explanation I feel I might become a believer in UFOs. UFO Sighting occurred on Friday, July 19, 2019 - At 9:50 PM EST Charlotte NC,

Hundreds of Bright UFOs reported Charlotte NC 7-19-19

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