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Multiple UFO Sightings Reported UK

We have witnessed these Disk type UFO Sightings in the sky for over a week. To begin with I thought these UFOs was satellites, but there are lots of them every night. They form a line or a triangle in sets of 3. UFOs are seen moving up, down, left to right at a speed! they hover & move again. They flash various colors. 2 nights ago we walked our dog, there were at least 30 UFOs in the sky. They were moving in perfect harmony. I have noticed my dogs behavior has completely changed being anxious & waking at night but won't go outside. Other people have also been saying their animals are acting strange. This has become a nightly thing. Tonight we saw them again, this time there were around 5 UFOs, my daughter captured a video. I was never a believer before, but I certainly am now. MUFON CMS# 107374 Gosport Hampshire UK 3/31/20. Region has had 2083 Reported UFO Sightings to date. Video has not made public.

Gosport Hampshire UK UFO reported staticmap.png

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