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Multiple UFO Sightings reported Murfreesboro TN

We saw about 15-20 circular UFOs with bright lights. They formed triangle and pyramid formations. Hovered & changed directions quick. UFO Sighting report February 3, 2020 Two of my friends and I were watching the Super Bowl at a brewery outside of Murfreesboro on 93 acres in the middle of nowhere. We were sitting outside so we could smoke cigarettes while watching the game and eating wings. We observed several bright lights above that seemed to be forming a circular formation across the horizon. At first we thought maybe the government was testing some drones. But the longer we observed them the less we thought that. UFO Sighting made no noise whatsoever. Four of the bright lights closest to us began to shift around into a pyramid formation. They would hover at times, while moving around at stealth speed at other times. We could see other UFOs in the distance behind the bright lights closest to us. UFOs moved quickly behind the lights almost like shooting stars, but they were able to change directions at drastic speeds. They were circular in shape and appeared to be white or light gray in color. They also appeared to be three levels high, with each level represented by its own row of lights. There was a white row with a red row in the middle and another white row on the bottom. They also had two very large lights in the center that almost looked like eyes in the sky. When they were hovering overhead, they remained lit the entire time. But when they started to get into the triangle and pyramid formations, the lights on the UFOs became much brighter. At one point, one of the UFOs was hovering less than 1000 feet above us. 

Multiple UFOs reported Murfreesboro TN 2-3-2020

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