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Multiple UFO Sightings on different days reported 5/3/18 Russellville AR

Multiple UFO Sightings reported 5/3/18 Russellville AR

Multiple UFO Sightings at least once a week for the past 5 months or so, usually hovering above the Skyline hills. I usually have these UFO Sightings on a smoke break at my job. One occurrence was a bright green UFO moving above the mountain, stopped, changed to a red light, then dipped down below the tree line, and then shot back up.One night saw very large UFO with bright white lights hovering above the mountain area. Another night saw triangular UFOs fly over my work place. Multiple occasions of white lights jetting across the sky and coming to a complete stop.Only one day have I seen a military aircraft in the area, and it was an army Black Hawk helicopter flying over during the day. Could have been flying towards the nuclear plant, which is a UFO hot-spot in our area. source nuforc.org

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