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Multiple Elongated Tear Drop Shape UFO Reported

My husband and I witnessed this UFO Sighting during the end of September, beginning of October, 2007. I documented my UFO Sighting encounter a few weeks after it happened. I wish I had the exact date. It was about an hour and a half or so before sunset. We were living at a house in Tacoma, Washington at the time that had a water view that looked out towards gig harbor and the narrows bridge. We came outside and were looking at the sky with a sense of awe as we had been the entire summer. But the clouds looked different and the sky seemed heavier this evening. The sky seemed to demand attention. There was a giant cumulonimbus cloud over gig harbor. At the top of the giant, solid, thick cloud, it smeared and faded to the left and to the right. We'd been enjoying the cloud and the sky for about 5 minutes or so and I noticed this 'thing", very vague, and similarly cloud colored, come from the cloud area and fly towards the narrows bridge. My husband saw it too it was so faint and delicate. I watched it and watched it, so intrigued. UFO Sighting was shaped kind of like a sperm. It flew with purpose, seemed animated, almost playful. I strained my eyes as it got further and further away until it seemed to fade out. We continued to search the cloud and surrounding area for another 20 minutes or so and were about to go back inside when another identical UFO Sighting came out of the same area and followed what seemed to be the same flight path. Then a few minutes later we see another UFO flying in front of the giant cloud in the opposite direction, but this one was moving much faster than the others. Then another appeared, flying, what looked like, straight towards this one, moving equally as fast. They passed each other and then a third one appeared. This one seemed to enter the cloud and then, this is the weirdest part, once it hit the cloud it was like we could see it as a much darker, way larger UFO, maybe 10 times its original size. After dark, the central cloud seemed to dissipate. But all that night and increasingly through the next two days we noticed a ridiculous amount of air traffic, especially helicopters, around the area in maybe a 5 mile radius. MUFON CMS# 107602 Tacoma Washington 9/25/07 Region has had 2408 Reported UFO Sightings to date. Photo below only illustrates the UFO Sighting  description from witness.

tear shape UFO reported Washington.jpg

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