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Multicolored UFO light changing green red

UFO Saucer 2018

I live in a ten floor building in Nis Serbia. At the night of February 13, about 8:30 pm local time, I was reading in my working room when I spotted through a window a multicolored UFO flying (much faster than a police chopper or a sport plane) from north towards my building, i. e. to the south. Then it suddenly changed into a green sphere and stopped hovering for about a half of minute. Afterwards turned again into red moved westward about 90 degrees. At that time I ran into my terrace which looks to the west and I saw this UFO flying back towards my building. It was now red having some "structural units". It flew behind the building and I could not see him. So, I went quickly outside but there was no more in the bright night sky. Afterwards, I wrote e-message to several local media trying to see if anyone else in the city of Nis saw this UFO Sighting. But as I expected I did not get any reply from them. Indeed this is the standard cultural level of various officials in Serbia not to respond to your e-message or letter. mufon cms# 90278

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