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MUFON Releases Three UFO Sighting Reports with video

Here's a new set of MUFON UFO Sighting Reports from Skye. These reports are selected from incoming material to MUFON. Unless otherwise noted, MUFON draws no conclusion on the nature of these UFO Sighting reports or what they represent. Join MUFON and get MUFON TV as part of your package. It's your source for over 500 commercial-free exclusive productions, with new content added monthly.

Case 113692 A witness in the United Kingdom at Coventry England on Feb 1 2021 at 1: 55 pm spotted and filmed two hexagon shaped crafts hovering in unison with each other in the sky. Out of no where a third craft appears and starts to seemingly rotate erratically around the two original crafts. Too erratic to be a satellite, the witness stated. He also stated. The flight radar app was checked and no flights were were listed over the location at the time. Here is the video that we have on this.

Case 113694 A California witness at Escalon on Feb 15 2021 at 5:53 pm witness a glowing object in the sky/ After observing the storm clouds with his mother . Suddenly they witness what is described as being an electric spinning circle. The witness stated the UFO Sighting hovered and flew with a fluid flow from where they were in Escalon CA towards Oakland.

Case 113693 A NY witness at wood stock reported on Feb 15 2021 that on Nov 7 2014 he witnessed an unidentified flying object in the sky. The only comment the witness stated was “The UFO Sighting was illuminated and moved quickly . Take a look at the video he turned into us.  https://youtu.be/tLDob-RrrGc

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