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Moth Man Saga Mystery at Point Pleasant

UFO News Today: The Nuts and Bolts type of UFO Investigators May Have Been Chasing Shadows For Decades
Joseph Burkes MD 2018

The Moth-man saga began when five grave-diggers working in a cemetery in the nearby town of Clendenin were shocked to see what they described as a "brown human shape with wings" rise out of the thick, surrounding trees and soar off into the distance.The Moth-man Saga: Predicting Disaster at Point Pleasant | Mysterious Universe Joseph writes:Support for the Virtual Experience Model is supplied by encounters with a creature given the title "Moth-man." From November 1966 till early 1968 dozens of people reported sightings of a tall dark winged monster around Point Pleasant, West Virginia. The creature was described as being over six feet tall with the figure of a man and enormous wings. It reportedly was able to fly over 80 miles an hour as well as take-off straight up, in both instances without flapping its wings. The encounters along the Ohio River occurred in association with a wave of UFO sightings in the area. After the Point Pleasant Silver Bridge collapsed on December 15, 1967 killing scores of people, the reports of Moth-man sightings petered out.According to the model that I have constructed, Virtual Experiences of the First Kind are illusory visual displays of UAVs or non-human beings that are created by non-human technology. The proposed mechanisms might involve something like holograms in which multiple witnesses can all view and even photograph the display. Another mechanism is by direct stimulation of a witness' optic neural pathways using perhaps some kind of psychotronic technology. In this condition, only the individuals targeted can view the display. Other witnesses present are unable to see the object or being unless they have selected to have the sighting. This latter type of visual display cannot be photographed.The legendary paranormal investigator John Keel in his best-selling "Moth-man Prophecies" wrote, "Machines flying through the air with moving wings have frequently been sighted during UFO waves. But the UFO enthusiasts tend to ignore any reports which describe things other than disks or cigar-shaped objects."How can winged creatures fly without flapping their wings? How can UAPs maneuver in ways that defy the laws of aeronautics as we know them? Many speculations are made concerning what might be advanced propulsion and navigation technologies.What most investigators in groups like MUFON that focus on the "hardware" and flight characteristics have not seriously considered in my experience with them is that illusory mechanisms like the Virtual Experience Model might be operational. I imagine this is a disturbing prospect for the so called "nuts and bolts" type of UFO researchers. What I am suggesting is that some, many, but certainly not all sightings are illusions. If the Virtual Experience Model is accurate, then generations of investigators may have been chasing shadows for over seventy years.

The Moth-man Saga: Predicting Disaster at Point Pleasant

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