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UFO News Today: In the now famous “I am a believe in both Categories” response letter, regarding  man-made UFO’s versus ET manufactured UFO’s, Ben placed a not-so-subtle hidden message in the second paragraph. I have never heard anyone else mention this, nor point it out. The typical response is to take the sentence I am referring to at face value. Please turn your attention to the aforementioned timestamp in the video, and find the third sentence, “Many Of our man-made UFO’s are Un Funded Opportunities.”

I firmly believe that folks have been misreading this line for decades. Clearly, given everything Mr. Schratt says during the course of this presentation, man-made UFOs are very, very, very well-funded. So I don’t think Ben was talking about money at all, much less actually trying to tell John that most of the craft we make go unfunded.
I think he was telling him directly that many of our “man-made” UFOs are of Alien origin. What so many people fail to miss in this sentence, is that Ben purposefully turns the word ‘unfunded’ into two separate words. He also makes another obvious grammatical error, and capitalizes the first letter of each of these words. He even goes so far as to double underline those letters! What do they spell? “UFO” So he is saying, “Most of our man-made UFOs are UFOs.” He is admitting to our reverse engineering, as well as the fact that it has been stated by many credible witnesses and confirmed employees from area S4, as well as Tonopah, that we placed our own nuclear propulsion systems into many recovered Alien spacecraft. US Navy UFO Patents   By 1988, we had still not figured out how to reverse engineer the compact alien nuclear power plants, Nor had we been able to successfully pilot them, due to the fact that the extraterrestrials piloted them with their far superior brands, via ESP interfaced with a sensory headband, as well as biotech interfacing with their fingertips. The cash Landrum incident is well known to have been a real alien spacecraft, but with a man-made propulsion system inside. It failed in-route to another base, losing the majority of its altitude, and coming within 200 feet of crashing into the ground, Hence all of the 23 reported US military helicopters swarming it when those poor women were so badly injured by the leaking radiation. - Courtesy of Indrid Cold | DCIPS GG-14   AATIP LIST OF STUDIES (ADVANCED AEROSPACE THREAT IDENTIFICATION PROGRAM




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