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Metallic cigar shaped flying UFO that had flashing lights with no pattern Johnstown New York 12/1/16

I was at school at the time. My friend Isaiha and I were outside doing a project when we both seen this cigar shaped UFO. We seen a flash in the sky and that made us look up at the object. We had no idea what the UFO sighting was at first but we finally came to the conclusion that it had to be a UFO. Then we looked up the shape, size and color of the UFO and found that it is liked to "Reptilians". It moved in a straight line towards north, then it moved over to the NE. At first we were kinda draw into the UFO as if it was making us stand there and stare. We then were able to head inside and we were both just confused and weirded out. We asked if anybody else had seen the UFO but nobody else had seem to have seen it. It disappeared over the horizon. mufon cms# 80702

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