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McGuire Air Force Base UFO Incident

UFO News Today: A USAF medic and his sergeant were assigned to patrol between Fort Dix and McGuire Air Force Base New Jersey during nighttime training operations. The primary witness then saw the UFOs flying around and reported it to his sergeant who accompanied him in their ambulance. Scared the sergeant directed him to not stop and continue driving, but the witness pulled over and stopped. Then he “heard a couple of shots” Then I saw the UFO and at the same time heard then saw military vehicles along with civilian police cars which weren’t supposed to be on post. I was now on the fence between bases and observed an entity crossing the fence, maybe through some opening, I’m not sure. All I know was that now we were face to face.  According to the witness’s statement, he felt the entity’s anxiety, apparently through mental telepathy. It impressed on me the urgency it had to return with others who were being chased by military personnel trying to harm it.” I could almost see everything that was going on through its thoughts.  During this period of time there was a tremendous commotion going on in McGuire AFB with MP military police vehicles driving erratically fast up and down the airfield too.

McGuire_Air_Force_Base UFO Incident

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