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Mass UFO Sightings Across Three States Reported on Oct.25th 2017

UFO Sighting occurred over St. Louis MO 10/25/17: Wife was outside, noticed a pattern of UFO lights moving across the distant sky from west to east at a high rate of speed. She yelled for her husband to come and see. He joined the viewing about 3 minutes into the UFO Sighting. The lights were mostly very bright white, some random red blinking. The UFO lights were traveling in a straight line close but random altitude taking 5-6 minutes to cross to the east and out of view. There were approximately 20 lights seen crossing the sky in a straight line path. mufon cms# 87592

UFO Sighting occurred over Memphis TN 10/25/17: I was out last night doing some astronomy. A group of about a dozen triangle shaped UFOs flying in a wide V formation. At first thought they were geese but then realized it was a UFO sighting. The UFO formation proceeded across the sky then broke into two groups and they disappeared about one second later. Seconds later I saw the most dramatic and bright shooting star I have ever seen. Might be related. mufon cms# 87590

UFO Sighting occurred over Tinley Park IL. My daughter came in the house to get me outside. Out in the street could observe at least 7 UFO orbs going in east direction. She had seen more, out with her dogs. She called her sister & brother to go out to see also. While I was standing out in the street, a woman in a car stopped and asked me if I was watching the UFO lights, said yes. It was the same red/orange balls of bright UFO light my son has previously observed over his house, several blocks east of us. On at least 4 different occasions. They are not planes, saw them and a helicopter all lit up in the sky. I and my daughter were thrilled to see them for ourselves. Large trees down the street blocked the view. Date 10/25/2017 Time for me was about 7:51 PM DST to 8:00 PM DST. Would like to know who else saw them?  

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