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Many UFO Sightings Reported in Lawndale NC

Many UFO Sightings reported Lawndale NC

Starting in February 2017 I moved to a rural town of about 500 people. I lived in a house in one of the most rural area. There were maybe 6 other houses in a mile radius and woods surrounding everything for Miles. Although I have also witnessed things in Shelby NC which is the closest town. I saw a fireball fly over Main Street. The things I have seen out there went on for the entire six months I have lived there. It started off as small star like objects blinking and fluttering. One night I noticed about 15 UFOs in the sky. Some of them splitting joining and ejecting other similar UFOs. These UFO Sightings would defy physics appearing to skip parts of the sky. Other times I would notice a cluster of UFO lights in a triangle formation bobbing and hovering in complete . I have also seen small orbs of light moving through bushes in the early hours of the morning. Also almost every morning before dawn a bright almost search light like UFO would appear in the sky and start rotating. It even stayed above me for about a mile and followed me to work. I have also seen what almost appears to be a meteorite, a small fire ball like UFO shot down the light pole and onto the ground in an L like fashion it had a blue flame for a tail and then vanished. I have also seen similar UFOs jump off power lines jump onto the ground and zip off and another time I Saw a small red light about the size of a bird zip around the corner about 4 feet off the ground and disappear. Another time I went out to walk my dog in the brush behind my house right before the thick woods started and saw a small bright white light on the ground that quickly shot up into the sky and started doing maneuvers I did not think were possible. Another time my wife said about 4 am she saw a bright white light in the window between the tree by my house and an abandoned trailer. She said it was so bright it light up the room and it was on the ground. She thought she might be seeing the moon but she went and looked out the other window and it was on the other side of the sky. She said she did not know why she did not wake me up because she was terrified and she was somehow compelled to fall back asleep. I had told my mother about this crazy stuff and she did not believe me until she came to visit. She saw everything. She saw how they would follow behind me when I walk my dog behind my house almost as if they were watching me. There was another time I was outside and I was talking to my wife. She told me to turn around and look there was an UFO I had noticed minutes before and thought it was a star but it suddenly lit up Bright blue the air suddenly felt like all the heat was sucked out of it temperature dropped aprox. 35 degrees any dogs in the area started barking a lot and it started moving towards us in a falling leaf like pattern. I ran in the house. Not long after a black pickup truck with its lights off rolled past my house. Which is something I have seen after other incidents along with a man in all black on a black quad with its lights off rolling up to my house. Also upon moving in before these UFO sightings intensified there was a deer carcass with its spine exposed, most of the skin around its head still intact and the entire torso missing. It was there for about 4 months one morning after a night of seeing all this stuff I walked my dog and noticed it was completely missing. I have also seen numerous UFO formations of 2 and 3 lights moving silently across the sky or even just hovering and wobbling. On these UFO Sighting formations there is always one light that is brighter then the others weather it be the 2 or 3 light formations. There is some very strange stuff out in Lawndale NC. I advise anyone who does not believe me to go spend a night out there just looking up if you do not see anything your either blind or don't want to believe what your seeing. It happens almost every night. I saw things for the majority of the 6 months I lived there with multiple witnesses. I believe they are hiding something in the woods out there. mufon cms# 89512

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