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Low Triangle UFO Sighting with single strange pulsating light descending Leicester GB 7/8/08

Triangle UFO Sighting 2008 Leicester GB

I was walking from friends house early in morning returning to fathers house I was exactly 16 years old.as I got not far from my back garden gate I was on the street path I heard a noise like something I never heard before really quiet but as if cutting through the air and I turned my head to left to look and for split second I assumed to be some sort of aircraft then turned my head but as soon as I done this my head went back to look in shock as the thing I seen I realized was no aircraft I've ever seen. It was a triangle UFO against the clear starry night sky low in decent towards fields and woods in countryside as the fields were just behind one row of houses beginning the countryside in Leicestershire to Northamptonshire boarder where it looked as if it was steadily getting lower to land not far within half a mile but I no these fields have no landing strip.It was in low trajectory and within 150 feet up the light was yellowish in color pulsating slowly in perfect equal rhythm the darkness of the UFO triangle was comparable to the dark night sky but I noticed the shape from it passing in front of the stars and slight moonlight the light looked like nothing I had seen before and was bigger than any usual air craft light but was positioned central on top and looked like a small room itself the night was a very quiet one this UFO was low and close but I'd like to no where it landed as it was descending as if to land in fields I don't no where it went after that but I no what I seen and haven't seen nothing like it again.I was urged to report this after hearing about a recent sighting in Maidstone recently while randomly browsing the web that I thought was slightly similar. MUFON CMS# 77157 UFO Sighting occurred on 7/8/08

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