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Let's retire the UFO Alien Extraterrestrial Hypothesis

UFO Alien Hypothesis

UFO News Daily: The conclusion that the phenomenon known as UFOs is caused by aliens is premature and narrow. Contrary to what you have been led to believe, there is no real reason to conclude that we are being visited by beings from other planets.

In spite of this, whole industries, organizations and egos are built on that assumption. When the latest stories of lights in the sky are aired or written about, every single account reported in the media brings up the ubiquitous people from other planets.

That belief has kept us running in circles for decades. It has become the only way to talk about the subject, with no more evidence than our ingrained expectations. Something that should be leading us into new areas of exploration by its very strangeness is locked into a prison that we have built for it. Speculation on the nature of UFOs and our ideas and interactions with the enigma are pregnant with possibilities, but the jokes and dogma try desperately to keep the monster at bay. Perhaps it is time to jailbreak the UFOs. credit Philip Mantle



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