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Latest UFO Sightings Reports Twin Falls Idaho US

Around 4:30 AM on Feb.22,2020 I stood at my kitchen window looking to the north west sky and observed what appeared to be an airplane heading toward twin falls Idaho. Odd thing was the UFO Sighting was stationary with a spread of lights of multi color. UFO was wide and had multi colored lights. UFO Sighting looked to be hovering in the distance. I went outside to be sure of what I was seeing and sure enough it was. After a few minutes I realized it was moving very slowly to the East. I woke my son and he observed it in the distance as well. To rule it out as being a star I observed it continue to slowly move while the background stars remained stationary. I continued to observe as the UFO Sighting slowly moved East until I lost sight of it. It was clearly some type of craft illuminated. NUFORC  Twin Falls Idaho

Cigar Shaped UFO Sighting reported Idaho

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