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Latest UFO Sightings Reported Wappingers Falls New York 21916

UFO Sightings Witness states that At about 7:10 PM tonight 2/19/16, I was sitting in my car waiting for my wife to come out of Hanafords Supermarket in Wappingers falls New York. A red light moving up and down through the trees north of me on rt9 maybe a mile away no more then 1 1/2 and on the other side of the street caught my eye. Then another and another just a few hundred feet apart. I got out of the car and witnessed about 6 UFO objects gaining altitude moving slowly in generally a straight path. I did not hear any noise from the UFO objects. I have never seen anything like this so I grabbed my i-phone and began to record them as more appeared from behind the trees just like the first one. My wife came out at that time and saw them as well. All were structures with two red glowing parts stacked on top of each other almost like an hourglass. taller then wider. All 10 UFO objects seems the same. They all continued until flying into the clouds one behind the other. MUON CMS #74608

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