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Latest UFO Sightings reported 7/17/18 Mercer Island WA

Latest UFO Sightings over Mercer Island WA 7/17/18

Two moving UFOs in sky 30 seconds apart from each other, suddenly stopped, moved around in a pattern and flash off into sky.At Luther Burbank park having a night swim, observed what we thought was a satellite traveling very quickly across the night sky. It suddenly stopped, moved to an almost infinity pattern and then a huge flash of light like 10 x of a normal stars brightness and was gone.Not more than 30 seconds later I observed another UFO Sighting traveling West, but this was more of an erratic movement than the previous UFO Sighting. It stopped suddenly, seemed to move up and down and flashed even brighter than the previous one and was gone from the naked eye. My boyfriend and I were screaming,What did we just see?over and over again. We got quite. 10 minutes later we spot ANOTHER UFO Sighting in the sky moving at high distance, stopped between two stars and seemed to be moving up and down, almost like a ping pong ball and then just stop. It stopped moving for 15 minutes and then would very slightly look like it was falling down and catch itself and move in the same star position as before! Very Very active UFO Sightings now over on Mercer Island WA this early morning.

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