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Latest UFO Sightings Multiple UFOs over California

Just after midnight on new year's day I went onto my second floor balcony and immediately saw multiple UFO Sightings of Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon. Being  New Years eve there was a lot of visual and audible activity (fireworks, noisemakers, ), but what I saw did not fit anything I could identify. The multiple glowing red UFOs would appear from behind some hills to my south, then hover, increase altitude and turn to the west on an ascending trajectory before flickering out. The pattern repeated for about 30 minutes, as if they were on a repeated path. In total I saw 21 UFOs in multiples of 1,2 or three. The most I saw at one time was 3, so I am not sure if they were the same craft making multiple passes, or individual craft following the previous ones that passed. My best educated guess for an explanation would be drones, but the altitude seemed to reach the height of a commercial jetliner, and the solid lights always flickered out in ways I have never seen with my own eyes. Very curious indeed. I had heard that there were other similar UFO Sightings across California on new year's day, with at least one report from Los Angeles. Curious indeed. mufon cms# 113017 Simi Valley California 01/02/21 Region has had 11,216 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

Multiple UFO Sightings during firework display

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