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Latest UFO Sightings Lake Champlain UFO emitting objects 7/27/16

Lake Champlain boater describes a recent UFO Sighting of a UFO emitting objects to ground level Posted by: Roger Marsh July 27, 2016 A Vermont witness at Lake Champlain reported. “The "UFO" object then hovered in the same spot for about 20 minutes before it disappeared. I recall the UFO being white and the orbs it dropped also being white. However, my sister recalls the object and the orbs being black. My father thought it was a blimp and was quick to brush off the thought of a UFO. We saw the unknown "UFO" craft again hovering over a spot closer to us when we traveled north into Burlington Bay. The craft quickly vanished again after that.” OPENMINDS.TV Lake Champlain boater describes UFO emitting objects to ground level | Openminds.tv credit Frank Stalter

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