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Latest UFO Sighting Video Captured over Texas

Burleson, Texas, Wednesday, January 23rd, @ 10:48 p.m. (Central)—Two UFO Sightings witnesses, while driving on Rendon Crowley Road, a cluster of lights that appear to be hovering motionless in the nighttime sky. Description Report: Driving down I-35 westbound and Rendon Crowley Rd., next to Texas Health Huguley Hospital, I was on the phone with my girlfriend, driving ahead of me, and we both witness strange red/white flashing lights in the sky a little in the distance. We drove parallel to these lights and it looked like they were linked in a chain together 3 lights majority stay red followed by one majority staying white, then 2 more majority red (still flickering the opposite color red to white or white to red). UFO Sighting formed a broken V-shape while spread out seemingly linked together somehow.  I wanted a better look so we exited the highway, turned around, and then came into the view of the strange lights.  UFOs were remaining still the first time we drove by them.  As we approached they seemed to form a hexagonal shape, and started to glow the same color, but would randomly flicker the opposite light individually (red to white).  As we got closer to the spot we first witness them, they drifted away further and further ahead.  I recorded this video below.

Background: I don't have any UFO Sighting viewing experiences, but have always wanted to see something out of the ordinary.  Absolutely love watching documentaries about UFO's.  I had some slight doubt at first.  Just so absolutely happy I was finally able to witness this wonderful event.  25 years old, white male, manage an electronic retail store.

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