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Latest UFO Sighting Video 2/6/16 Beaumont California

The ridge line where this Latest UFO Sighting happened is the mountainous area that lies between Beaumont, and San Jacinto, California. There are no buildings,or known construction in that area. Saturday , approx. 8 pm, I sighted a small UFO light fly by & apparently land, on the Ridge, in direct line of sight, I would guess at about 3-4 miles from my home. I tend to watch TV in a darkened room, because I just like the night view. My view is directly South. I was going to ignore it, because we do get some Helicopter traffic through the Pass, but the UFO light not only got brighter, but lit-up in gold and violet. not the usual FAA colors, so I got my Camera ready, Canon EOS 1200D, and decided to try my new Telescopic Lens. the winds were blowing at about 30 miles/hr, with gusts close to 50 mi/hr, so movement during filming was unavoidable. then I sighted a very bright, fairly large Red UFO light move across, from East-West, below and to the East of the main UFO light, which had been stationary, since it landed. I started filming when other UFO objects/lights came and hovered, circling, etc, then one of the lights moved East, and landed, not far from the main light, it seemed to turn-off it's lights, but I could visually see something moving around. All the while, there were another set of UFO lights, that only were visible in the Camera, lower to the West of the Main lights, and not visible to naked sight. the object that had landed to the East, rose straight up, hovered over the main lights, then moved to the West at a high rate, and disappeared quickly. as the time was over 2 1/2 hrs, when the main set of UFO lights started to dim, it never moved, simply dimmed from view, to darkness. no trace of this stuff in the daylight, very curious. a single Helicopter was later seen circling to the West of this latest UFO sighting, where an Aviation Warning Light flashes at night. MUFON CMS # 74356

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