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Latest UFO Sighting Translucent Sphere Observed for Two Hours Oregon

Time Duration of the UFO sighting was 2 hrs. 15 min . Viewed through a telescope UFO Sighting appeared to be a translucent white sphere shaped ball on with striation marks on it like that of a water melon. The bottom was flat and contained a rectangular shaped area that was centered directly below it. UFO appeared to have some sort of propellers on it. It was south east of our location at 7:pm. We traveled south about 30 miles and by 9:pm UFO was directly above us. The local news agency KTVZ told me that they saw it in one of their weather cams but had no idea what it was. A few other people reported it to KTVZ as well. UFO Sighting reported on 7/11/18 over Culver/Redmond OR.

((NUFORC Note: We spoke with the source of the report. He stated that he had managed to photograph the object, but that he could not share the photo because his employer owned the photo. Apparently, the newspaper the photographer works for does not want to publish an article about the event. PD))

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