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Latest UFO Sighting Short fast emitting three flashing lights in a triangular fashion

Glasgow GB 2018 Bluish UFO Sighting from bedroom window

UFO Sighting occurred on Jan.24th 2018 over Glasgow GB. I was in my room playing XBOX One when an extremely bright light that flashed from the UFO caught my attention. I thought the UFO Sighting was a military aircraft or a normal jet. The object was small, looked weird and had a blue grayish tint to it. It had 3 beams going across the UFO to the front which was circular. Its lights then twisted, turned and got brighter as if to focus on something. UFO Sighting then created a thick white light as the three lights merged at the front. UFO started to move Northeast before abruptly changing direction and strangely seemed like it was going in one direction before cutting away in another direction then back to Northeast. I was felt confused at first to what was going on. When I seen the UFO Sighting move I felt threatened, however I also had another strange feeling. I felt that whatever was in the craft had seen me, or something else and was also scared, trying to make a swift escape.This could explain the various quick movements it was seen making. After seeing the UFO I felt weird like it hadn't really happened. I also felt a connection with the craft and felt like it was not evil. I lost visual contact when it managed to do 5 or 6 quick movements seemingly defying what direction it had intended to go in before hovering and vanishing. mufon cms# 89841

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