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Latest UFO Sighting Several Hovering Craft over Chili WI

We were headed South on Y towards Hwy H in Chili WI. It was almost 7:pm on 2/13/19. As we were driving my son noticed something to the west of the vehicle. He stated there were five aircraft with blinking lights and stated that it was weird as how could they all be together hovering like that. I pulled over on Y and noticed The blinking lights. It appeared that it could have been one UFO or 5 individual in sync UFOs.The blinking lights of the UFO Sighting didn't appear to be synced but appeared to be a typical aircraft light. But then each UFO showed a bright, yellowish light that stayed on for a couple of seconds. We then drove to H and turned west to see where they then shut off and the UFOs then moved so fast UN-Godly fast south of Hwy H. It appeared as though they flew multiple miles in a matter of seconds. They then we're out of our sight. This was my 4th UFO sighting of something other than the typical aircraft and it was my son's first. He was rather ecstatic to witness such a mysterious event. Witness elects to remain totally anonymous provides no contact information.  nuforc.org

Several UFOs hovering over Chili WI 2/13/19 

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