Latest UFO Sighting reported Tacoma Washington

Tacoma Washington UFO Sightings Orbs report March 12 2017

Strange white silent hovering UFO lights near Commencement Bay We were walking down Borough Road by Garfield Park to our car. My daughter saw 3 hovering UFO lights, white with red and blue and thought it was an airplane but wondered why these UFOs were silent and hovering so low, plus too small to be full sized airplanes, but very bright lights. The group of 3 UFOs were in a tighter formation at first. There were more bright white UFO lights hovering lower on the horizon by the water, Commencement Bay Puget Sound. We sighted 9 UFO lights and actually noticed 11 in one photo, almost as though they were meeting at the spot we saw the first 3, making a formation of some kind. I got my phone to get pictures. The UFOs stayed bright white and spread out, then disappeared, most moved upward into the clouds, a few sideways, probably hovering for close to ten minutes. This was about 7:45 PM, Sunday, March 12th in Tacoma, WA.. We have no idea what these were. I'm glad we got photos.Latest UFO Sighting reported Tacoma Washington

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