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Latest UFO Sighting Reported over West Seneca NY

UFO News Today: My wife an I were walking our dog at the Old Psych Center on East & West rd at 6:10 pm 01/10/19 on the road that runs along the creek. My wife said OMG and pointed up above us and we both saw a large round shaped UFO Sighting that had a bit of a point and that's why we are calling it tear shaped. UFO looked gray in color, silent, guessing about 50 ft above the trees and it was like the size of a baseball diamond. The UFO Sighting didn't move nor make any noise and after watching it for about a minute it then just disappeared. Our dog is older and seemed to not even notice it and just went about sniffing the little snow on the ground. We didn't feel scared at all but after it disappeared I did feel like the hair on the back of my neck stood up and I said lets go home which we did. nuforc.org 

latest UFO Sighting reported  West Seneca NY 01/10/19

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